Music For epinette 

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The Myth and the Stag

T. J. Garside

French and English Tunes for Dulcimer and epinette

by Tim Garside (Dulcimers, Epinettes, Percussion, Flutes, Voices and Little things)

Tunes:  Valse en Limousin, (trad) Symbolic, (T Garside) Fred Pigeons Polka, (M Raven) Spring Song, (T. Garside) Le Moissoneaures, (Trad) Bouree d'Aurore Sand, (Trad) Queen of May, (Trad) Temp du Pan/Myth, Trad+T.G) Abboots's Bromley, (trad) Marcels Valse, (T Garside) Loves Damn Fool, (T Garside) En Passant La Riviere, (trad) Pencarrow,(Cornish trad) The vine tree, (P Burgess) An dro/Amoureuse, (Trad+T.G) Miss Gaytons Hornpipe,(trad)  Stag Valse (T.G)

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Copyright 2005, T. J . Garside. All rights reserved