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April, 2013:
New Kantele making CD

Welcome to my all-new format Kantele pages!

Update 2013: 
As well as the fully updated CD-ROM you can also now download Kantele plans on their own,  through my own download page along with many other plans!

The Kantele making CD has extra bits of info (I have added the electric kantele design and a router jig )
Remember buying the kantele making Cd entitles you to free email support if you get stuck, so please feel free to use this!!

Kanteles are very special to me, they have a certain magic about them, with their drone like open strings, rich harmonics,  accessable to anyone to wants to play , wonderfully ancient and modern too.

I first became interested in these Instruments as a window into a way to play the Anglo Saxon Lyre, a combination of plucking and block and strum,   I found a greater range of sophistication than I imagined possible on just 5/6/10 strings.  There are notes between the notes too, these you will find as you play.............