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On this page you can purchase strings, bridges, tailpieces, tuning keys plus my Lyre making CD-rom with the paypal shopping cart that means you can add items and pay a single reduced shipping fee in one transaction.   Please allow 28 days for wooden items ordered,  CD's and strings are usually sent straight away.
You do not have to have a paypal account to buy, you can use any Credit/debit card through paypal these days.

lyre cdNEW! Updated Lyre Making CD,
This disc is the summery of my Lyre making experience over the last decade,  it allows anyone to build on the work I have done and make any Lyre I have made. 

When you order this disc you always get the latest version.

This disc has the Bergh Apton, Snape, Morning Thorpe. Sutton Hoo, Prittlewell, Trossingen and the St. Severins Lyre plans in pdf format to print off, collate and use(instructions provided) the CD also includes a 24 minute video introduction showing the making sequence, including video footage of cutting the joints, plus clips on how to tune and play.  The full web browser based offline website/e-book  is a complete guide to making tuning and playing the Lyre plus there are more things to discover. more info.

plans for 7 plucked lyres:-Sutton Hoo, Bergh Apton, Snape, Morning Thorpe. , Prittlewell, Trossingen and the St. Severins Lyre  in pdf format

- Full instructions for hand building and with routers
- video tutorials

- playing guide

- sections on equipment and tools required
- how to make the fittings for the lyre, including the straps.

- includes the Lyre kit handbook and tips.

- Advice for dimensions of the best sounding lyre soundboards and strings

- **extras on disc including my full range of Bowed Lyres plans worth £25 downloaded alone:  Jouhikko, Welsh Crwth, Shetland Gue and my generic 3 stringed bowed lyre in an "extras"folder for you to discover!

- Free email support included with disc if required.


***more plans here here:

mountsNew Standard model Lyre

Available now as soon as 3-4 months from order

One piece maple soundboard, once piece body.  New harp type tuning pins,  choice of string material, Gut, Nylgut or Fluorocarbon

Decoration is simply metal bands,   Brass tacks to soundboard can also be added at extra cost

email to see if any are available, These lyres can be made available sooner than other instruments I make as they are the simplest in decoration and I try to keep parts. 
Please note The Irish Lyre version of this instrument is £300 extra for the Brass mounts and Precious Metal Strings adding 2 more months to the waiting time. 

  Base price £1050  including delivery

***more plans here here:

hard case £100 extra when ordered with instrument

Kravik Lyre

7 String Viking lyre carved from Spruce, pine and Fruitwood with chip carving, 3-4 months availability
  Base price £1050  including delivery

***more plans here here:

stringsLyre Strings Two Standard sets (G pitch)
These modern Fluorocarbon strings are a better alternative to plain nylon and are very popular with harp and ukulele as they produce a clear and strong sound,  On lyres this is very effective on Plywood or thicker topped lyres that are otherwise dull with guitar nylon or too quiet with gut.  Once settled in they are very stable in tuning,  impervious to moisture these strings are usual first choice on my Standard models Lyres and the kits.  If you are playing in the open these are the best option!

Thickest string is 1.0mm Fluorocarbon, through to 0.54mm
2 sets of 6 strings, works for both Pentatonic and Diatonic  suitable for Sutton Hoo lyre models
Now with tailgut material too as an extra!


stringsKravik Lyre Strings(2 sets)

7 String Kravik Lyre set, Fluorocarbon material, two sets of strings


gut tailpieceBoxwood Lyre bridge, this is my interpretation of the bone and amber bridges found in England and Scandinavia and continental Europe.   these are hand whitltled so are each unique while remaing faithful in design and spirit.
Please allow 28 days for this item as its made to order



bridge Trossingen Lyre bridge,  I can supply this with the dimensions of the original, 88mmX27X12mm with 4mm string spacing or can supply it lower or higher without any string notches.
In maple but also available in willow on request.



gut tailpiece6 string Lyre tailpiece
This is the usual form of tailpiece which is similar to ones on bowed instruments.
I can make this is various hardwoods: maple, English Yew, Cherry or other woods.
(Cherry wood default)  approx 75mm by 32mm by 8mm.
There are 6 holes for the strings with  3mm synthetic Tailgut attached in the modern fashion for strength and longevity, gut is also available on request.  Red Synthetic gut standard, also available in clear and yellow.

gut tailpieceStandard Dowel tailpiece,  This is the simplest form of tailpiece now made with clear  fluorocarbon tailgut and a 8mm beechwood rod,

I can make this to a standard length or you can measure what size you want using a mockup with a piece of string.  Let me know if you would prefer real gut(extra £5).  Brass Metal rod +£5



                                                                                                  for more info please contact me

tuning key setZither tuning pins and key set for Lyre/Kantele/harp
This was the set that came with my Student Lyre kit and enables easy tuning stability when combined with nylon/nylgut and fc strings or even wire strings.  These work well on Kanteles!
Tuning Key with 21 Zither pins provided.  Matching drill bit supplied.



brass tuning keySpare Tuning key for Kantele/zither pegs
Solid Brass Key for zither tuning pins
(price including worldwide shipping) ooo



gue tailpiece complete
with tunersShetland Gue Tailpiece
This is the tailpiece that comes with my Shetland Gue and is drawn in the plans I supply,  Made of Maple, Yew, or Plum (message me if you have aother timber request)
This has two 1/2 size Cello string adjusters and Synthetic gut
please allow 28 days for this item as its made to order



complete gue tailpiece,
horsehair, peg and endpin setShetland Gue Fittings kit
In this Fittings kit I include a Tailpiece with two 1/2 size Cello string adjusters and Synthetic gut,
hank of black Horsehair,  two pegs and the endpin. 
please allow 28 days for this item as its made to order



fixed arch bowBowed Lyre Bow
Beech or birch bow, natural or antiqued stained,  with Black or white horsehair,  hand tensions, fixed arch bow.  please allow 28 days for this item as its made to order



Trossingen Lyre  2014     £2450
Cologne Lyre    2014   from £850 for plain model.

Vespasian Lyre 2014  £550  (New student model, painted lyre model with birch plywood soundboard for schools)
  Robust. Gret, Blue, red earth colour's