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In September of 2008 I began the Video series about making a Stick Dulcimer on Youtube, In contrast to my other instruments I decided to make the instructions and videos free to all with only the plans needing to be bought if desired.  (The Stick DVD-rom is available too though for reference)

Payments are handled online via paypal,  you can use any credit/debit card and do not need an account.  There are other options, let me know, I can also take payment by cash and direct bank transfer.   Payments by cheques are only possible from the UK

Instruments that are available for sale are also listed below

Please also check out my other plans I have available on my other plan Download page

** Stick Dulcimer making series DVD notes now online on my blog here!

Stick Dulcimer plans

Download edition of the plans to make the instrument

on the Stick Dulcimer Making series on Youtube

plans for
stick-dulcimer downloadStick Dulcimer plans NEW CAD version D and G neck plans 
This download will include the earlier hand drawn versions for free
instant download.  


These are accurate CAD drawn plans,   Also I have added extra material to the download including the original 2006 hand drawn plans for reference

These plans do need 7-zip to unzip, and adobe reader to view/print,  print off at full size,  with no scaling. 

The notes for the series are on my blog

 £12.00  US $20 / 15 euros

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Printed plans

plans for
stick-dulcimer downloadPrinted plans for Stick Dulcimer in D and G Newly drawn version rolled up and sent in a cardboard tube, please allow 3-4 days in the UK and up to 2 weeks internationally for delivery.  (1 sheet of A0)
Included in the cost is the entitlement to the Download version,  just email me after purchase and I will send you a unique download link.  Online video series here for this

plans sent in a
cardboard tube
Printed set  of plans sent rolled in tube

(USA $39  32 euros  Paypal handles conversion

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dvd set
Stick Dulcimer making Course 3 Disc box set (youtube course)
along with a download copy of the plans
NTSC or PAL available

This reference DVD edition 

Free digital copy of the plans comes separately by a link with this item


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stick dulcimer or
mandolin StrapStick Dulcimer/Mandolin Strap
Adjustable fabric/Nylon Webbing with leather strap end.  Suitable for mandolins and Stick Dulcimers that have a strap that attaches to the headstock and and endpin a the tail.    larger image here
Made by myself here in the UK  .  Delivered Worldwide.


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Standard String set for Dad/Gdg Dulcimers,
For all 650mm scale Stick Dulcimers and 580mm scale instruments
D'addarrio set of 0.010plain steel  0.014 plain steel  0.023 Bronze wound
for the new short scale Dad sets please email
2 sets of strings


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stringsShortscale String set for Dad tuned 580mm scale  Dulcimers, 
D'addarrio set of 0.012plain steel  0.022W  0.039w Bronze wound

This thicker set allows a lower tuning on a shorter scale
2 sets of strings


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case downloadFree Pdf/slideshow for Making a Stick Dulcimer case,  
downloadWith a number of these stick Dulcimers being made all around the globe I thought it would be useful to show one way that I use to make a simple strong case,  Hopefully this will inspire you to have a go,  If you have just made a Stick Dulcimer this will be relatively simple.   Where I can I try to use shop bought timber and the Miller Dowel system to make my cases. 
Download this for free here, if you want to subscribe to my newsletter please do,  I only rarely send them out, no spam:

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 You can now also view this pdf as a flash Slideshow here!
         (Left click on the screen to turn the slides)

tailpieceTailpieces are Out now of Stock, sorry!   Email me if you are interested,  If I get 20 orders I will commission a new batch to be made quickly!

Brass Stick Dulcimer tailpiece
by itself,  
This is the newer version of my Stick Dulcimer tailpiece made by a local engineering firm out of 2mm brass, this comes supplied with the endpin and screw, plus self adhesive cork pads to protect the soundboard and mute the strings.  

(dimensions to make your own are on the latest plans)


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