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Wire harp / Clarsach

I now offer queen Mary harp replicaTraditional medieval harps based on The Queen Mary's 15th Century harp in the Museum in Edinburgh, Scotland.
These will be hollowed and historically carved from solid timbers and held together by string tension alone.

My standard model has hollowed soundbox with Willow offered when available(other timbers available).  The pillar and neck are of Sycamore or fruitwood with a spruce backboard.

The strings are standard Brass but with Sterling Silver in the Bass, as supplied by Simon Chadwick.

Metalwork is brass, antique or natural finish.

Queen Mary/Castle Otway harp-based models £5000 Dugout Willow/Poplar or lime soundbox, Sycamore, apple or cherry neck and Forepillar, Brass and Silver strings.
Currently, 18-24 months of waiting time for these

Student versions: £3000 Same form but simplified T section fore pillar, assembled rather than dugout soundbox from Willow/Poplar/Lime.  Brass /Silver strings as before.
Currently, 15 Months of waiting time from ordering these 

Hollybrook Harp: £3500 assembled rather than dugout soundbox from Willow/Poplar/Lime wood, sycamore, and cherry.  Brass strung.
Currently, 18 Months of waiting time from ordering these 

Michael J King at the Museum of Edinburgh visiting the Queen Mary Harp

Nurenburg Gothic harps with or without bray pins and small travel harps also available to order