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Plucked Psalteries 

The Plucked Psaltery has its origins in ancient harps and lyre zithers  like the Greek 
Epigonion,  in medieval period it become the Instrumento de porco and was played against the chest.

My current Psaltery design is a simple compact instrument 24" /604mm long that plays either in the key of  G with Fluorocarbon Strings for a harp like sound or Strung with Yellow Brass wire strings to create an instrument in the Key of D

15 Strings   G4 to G6  with Fluorcarbon strings   or D4 to D6 with Brass


This instrument is constructed like my finest Kanteles with dense beechwood sections for the tuning pins, solid hardwood sides and back with spruce, pine or Cedar Soundboard.   The Rosette is a Celtic knot weave pattern,     Finishes can be natural,  stained oak,  dark brown or black.   If you want an alternative pitch or tuning custom orders are possible.

I make these instruments in a variety of domestic timbers from £550 in G,  cases available, an extra £100 plus shipping for more information pleas see my etsy listing or get back to me. plucked  psaltery

back of psaltery  fluorocarbon stringed psaltery in G  

Psaltery Instruments:

InstrumentsMy standard range of instruments now on etsy,  usually available from placement of order in  3-4 months

Also available accessories and supplies for these instruments if you make your own

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Plans to build your own

Digital plansPlans are available for instant download in PDF format,  designed to be printed out on home printers.  Wide overlaps to help collate the drawings.  Support provided by email.     These are my best and current models of instruments.

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Please feel free to message me if you want more information, either by email or etsy

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