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Apr 24, 2008:
Linux pages updated in keeping with the new Ubuntu release

Additional info

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General information

I have been helping people with linux for a little while now so I feel its time to expand on this. I have sold Linux Cd's through ebay for a few years now and will now be offering local help with installation and support.

I began using Linux when in 2003 as a way to use my computer in safety.  I was forever having to remove virus's having my computer slow down and crash and needing to reinstall windows, This is in a house where there are lots of children using my computers as well.  Finally It was a Christmas without my computer working that gave me the push I needed!

Through Linux I found again a love of using computers I had long since lost with windows.  I discovered it was easy to change things in linux,  to add amazing programs for free when I needed.

In 2003 I started using Suse Linux and later Mepis(Both still in the top 10 ) but by 2004 I began usng Ubuntu which has grown more popular each year. (It is now available preinstalled on dell computers for cheaper than windows.)  

I offer Linux CDs to try out on your existing computers, Local help with installation or converting from windows and can also supply Laptops with Linux preinstalled.  Contact me for further details