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Soprano pineapple  std pineapple body soprano scale body (super soprano available to order as well)  2-3 months for pineapple models

starting from £400 plain walnut or mahogany to £500 Walnut and Yellow cedar with top binding,  £550 for plain Koa model

French Polished

15 frets

Choice of gotoh friction pegs, pegheds or Gotoh tuners

2018 special edition all native woods,  Apple wood models,  Cherry wood models,  pear and plum.   £500  same woods or bog oak fingerboard optional extra

To be updated shortly


mahogany std plain

antique Soprano Model  available to order  4-5 months

Binding to top, , figure of eight headstock with case starting from £650 for Yellow Cedar and Walnut,   Apple, cherry also an option.   Myrtle and koa special order.
These new sopranos have cherry wood necks, ebony fingerboards, and are all french polished.  

Alternative fingerboard woods such as Bog oak,  Chacate preto also available

 contact me for more details    

antique mango uke


new ukulele



Open publication - Free publishing - More luthier

The waiting time should be 5- 6 months for these models depending on where I am with other commissions.


soprano uke

cased uke

(There is a short video of the old Koa model on the Uke Video Page)