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Låtfiol  (Swedish under-drone fiddles)

latfiolThis instrument has 2 sympathetic strings under the fingerboard, very much like the early versions of the Norwegian Hardanger fiddle. I am currently tuning it in standard tuning, although tunings like ADge or AEae are more common in Sweden (see link below)

The instrument pictured was made with the body from an unfinished German made "white Violin" with custom purfling added and an adapted neck and fingerboard.

I am interested in doing some built from scratch instruments and more conversions from old instruments with broken necks,

Normally, a new neck would be required. Another option would be a Savert style fiddle with 6 or 8 tuning pegs

Please contact me if you have questions.

Poor audio sample of one of these: (sorry for the crackling! take care)



latfiol bridgeback of latfiollatfiol neck/head

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