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raunos lyre book
Shetland Gue
This is a great introduction to Bowed Lyres,  The two stringed model is based on the earlier models of Finnish Jouhikko but with Crwth like soundholes.
Tuned to G/D or G/C they are usually strung with Black Horsehair

These are a small and light portable instrument, the simplest Lyre I offer.

new 2015 gue


simple model gue on chairCustom  carved out model
These are hollowed from a plank of timber, lime, tulip poplar, maple, alder, spruce with separate soundboard of German Spruce.   4-5 months waiting time from order,
This model comes with bow,  natural,  golden or dark brown antique finish.  Painted finishes using Swedish paints based on egg and linseed oil also an option,
from £600  free UK delivery,  Worldwide shipping £45

Standard model
My Standard model is Made of Spruce, Tulipwood and Cherry and comes with a bow, these are made from separate pieces glued together and are available 3 months from order,   Natural or antique brown finishes
from £450  free UK delivery,  Worldwide shipping £45

Pine Cases with chenille lining an extra £75

please email if you are interested

Plans for these instruments (updated recently)are also available from my shop pages

for gue available as a download

standard Shetland Gue

brown finished gue

gue in black paint finish

group of gueCustom models available to order

More information to follow

Corwen Ap Broch has been making and playing his reconstruction for some time now tuned to G/D and his instruments have made their way to a museum in Shetland.  Below is a video introduction

ou can read his experiences on his website here


shetland gue