Stick Dulcimers 
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Standard Yellow Cedar top Standard models are available 6-7 months from Etsy
  Other woods are available to order.

Occasionally I have one-off models in stock or part made,  please enquire through email or Etsy.  prices start from £1000 without a case, (£1250 with a case plus shipping)  Fitting a Pickup is possible, but do see my Cigar Box Stick Dulcimers as they have space for a real jack socket .

Yellow Cedar (the standard top option) Red Cedar, Redwood and Spruce tops are in stock; Cherry and maple are my favourite woods for these, followed by mango.  I have set aside select pieces of recycled Mango Wood, Acacia, old mahogany boards, and native timbers like Figured Maple, Cherry Plum and Walnut.   Moving gradually away from exotic timbers but open to suggestions.   

Cases are handmade to fit,  rounded edge. Rectangular version also available.      

mango Stick Dulcimer front viewmango wood stick dulcimer,  custom model headstock and fingerboard

These instruments are simply called the descriptive name Stick Dulcimers, following my usage since 2002 on the internet with the intention for a  copyright/trademark free Generic name that anyone can use and group together the array of different makers instruments that follow the same fingerboard and tunings. with no branding issues.

example:  We might say that these here are  Michael J King Stick Dulcimers.  If someone makes their own to this design it's a Joe Smith Stick Dulcimer,   trademarked instruments like for example Mcnally strumstick is in the Stick Dulcimer family umbrella as are merlin Seagulls,  picking sticks, and Dulcimer guitars etc. etc.          

new 2017 stick dulcimer ebony and redwood Stick Dulcimer custom special in case

Each instrument is constructed in the same way as a fine mandolin with internal linings and A-style bracing.  New models have increased headstock angle, thicker fingerboards, one-piece body/necks, zero frets, bone nut, heavy brass tailpiece made in Nottingham UK, Complete with handmade shell case lined with Velvet.

I pride myself on my hand-carved neck that has the profile of a violin,   comfortable and familiar with the feel of a guitar with a tone beyond the size of the instrument.   Warmer sounding Yellow cedar and Sapele mahogany is now standard on these (Maple and spruce or cedar and walnut still available as a custom order) 

My current standard models do not have binding; Top bindings are still an option to have on custom models, 
Fingerboard woods are changing due to CITES laws and exporting.  Chacate Preto is my current timber.  Alternatives like Dark Eucalyptus, Blackwood Tek and Roasted maple are other dark wood options.   Walnut or maple are other options,   

Other woods may be dependent on what is legally available to export.   Native US woods or native European woods usually are fine.  

stick Dulcimer stick pictureshead
I did a batch of Model 1's in 2017-18 from one piece of Sapele wood and cherry, with the sides bent on a bending iron making a seamless transition from neck to body.  I also now do this model with laminated sides, which are robust and better weighted in the hand.   

These 22" scale models are available to order with a handmade rounded end case as shown.  Longer models are suitable for my rectangular cases.

Sapele has an amazing tap tone, its density being closer to older Brazilian mahogany and sound in tap tone.  

Yellow Alaskan Cedar is my Soundboard wood now of choice for these instruments; it's harder and stiffer than red cedar with a nice mellow sound that matures well with playing.     Swiss Spruce,   Red Cedar  Redwood,  mahogany, willow, and Acacia are other soundboard options.

New model, 560mm (22") scale in D or G tuning
easier to play, shorter stretches. 

side dots now as standard and front Position markers fitted if required.

sides, back and front view of stick dulcimer   Case-rounded ends and mango dulcimer

 My standard scale length is  560mm (22") for D (or G :   made to order,   usually 6-12 months most of the year.  

Model 2022 Yellow Cedar Soundboard, Walnut/mango/acacia/sapele/maple top back and sides, neck mahogany or Cherry, dark Chacote Preto or ebony fingerboard, brass tailpiece With handmade case  £1250

If you order through my Etsy shop message me what colour lining fabric for the case, you would like made.   

stick dulcimer in case case dulcimerback of stick dulcimerback of dulcimer

yellow cedarrosette

New shell rounded cases for standard models, available with antique paint, and textured paint finish.  (Bookcloth is an option too but less rugged)

stick dulcimer in its case,  2017/2018 model case close upcase

Extras: Electric K&K pickup and custom brass jack socket tailpiece  £150

Binding to the bottom,  add £150

If you don't need a case, then you can subtract £250 from the prices

Longer scale length 650mm D, A tuning available to order +£100
Delivery/Shipping USA/Worldwide £50


Custom tonewood, incl Local fruitwood(apple, cherry) African Olive, Ebony, Ziracote,  and others  £POA    Non CITES timbers for export reasons

Other wood choices are available.

The electric acoustic option now has a K&K pickup inside

Small numbers are made each year,  email if you are interested in commissioning one!

Custom made Brass tailpieces +£50

alternative sapele- mahogany

standard mahogany(recycled wood)

close up mahogany stick dulcimerstick
dulcimer neck
Custom Primavera wood 

tailpiece for stick dulcimer

stick dulcimercased
custom instrument

back of primavera wood

custom order extra deluxe stick DulcimerCustom Mango wood

mango wood stick dulcimermango woodstick dulcimerstick dulcimerCustom baritone model in Cherry

cased dulcimer

Short Scale "Dad" Custom

custom instrument in case
strap for
deluxe model
stick in maple

new zero
version with bone nut and no zero fret

maple stick

back of dulcimer


new model 2011

stick gdg


Old pictures below this point,  will be archived on the new website!

cased gdg instrumentstick
dulcimer standard

maple stickfront

Owen Niblock

Owen has been playing one of my stick Dulcimers since the spring of 2003, probably the most travelled Dulcimer I have made!
He has a site which has tune samples of the famous
"Frog Song" 

owen niblock"The first interval of the night was upon us. Yes, we had two intervals tonight. Then it was the open mic spot, which tonight was filled by the wonderfully named Owen Niblock. Owen came on stage carrying a very odd instrument, which after much research I have discovered is called a dulcimer. Owen performed a song about frog skimming and told us some laidback anecdotes. Truth be told, it wasn't particularly amusing but the dulcimer kept us entertained, if only as most people were wondering what on earth it was."

Quote taken from here 


Owens instrument in its case (It has a pau rosa fingerboard )

2003 old Sound samples in gdg tuning:

Steel string 1  /  Steel string 2

Nylon Strung 1Nylon Strung 2

Old pictures from 2003-2005
old 2003 Stick dulcimer and rainbow strap

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