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Diatonic and Chromatic plans along with original notes Download Here:

diatoniuc bowed psaltery in DThis is the 2014 version of my 1990's Diatonic Bowed Psaltery,  With an adjusted scale and improved design.  15 notes D-d
Originally the Diatonic Bowed Psaltery was designed to be a more
Harmonious musical instrument than the chromatic. The strings are arranged in a fan pattern, this was to make the bowing a little more fluid with the geometry of the human arm. Tuned to a diatonic scale rather like the old Irish harp, the instrument resonates sympathetically as different combinations are played.  Download includes full size plans to print in pdf format plus reference material.   more info here:

If there is sufficient interest I will make a Youtube series about making  this instrument,   more info here:

Standard Bowed Psaltery Plans
G chromatic Tuning

model-bowed psaltery This model is a slightly modified version of the original Bowed Psaltery as created by Edgar Stahmer and promoted by Ronald Roberts in the UK,  My pdf plans include my latest twin short bow design for two handed playing as well as the original medium length bow commonly used (also available to buy soon from my lyre shop) includes the cutting list to get you prepared.  more info here
I am hoping to do a Youtube series on Bowed Psalteries, focusing on the Diatonic model but the construction and stringing methods are the same, please email me if you are interested or purchase the plans as I need to know if its something people want.

close up
bowed psaltery

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