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Learning to the play Kantele

There is more learning material now in english than ever before, I will try to keep this page updated as new DVD/VCD's are released, as ever The Kanteleplayers Yahoo Forum is an important first port of call.  Do also visit Gerry Henkels website as it is has tons of information and links, and also his  Playing Guide is available to download.

My own short series of video clips for newcomers to the kantele illustrates the basic playing positions, chord playing plucking etc   You can go to and type "kantele" to see these or go to the video section.

The 10 string Kantele clip part 1 is ready now online and another episode will follow as time permits, , if you have any requests let me know!

please also read this in conjunction with the videos.

For more serious study see:

Online Kantele Lessons

This has excerpts from Lani's books with video audio and music

Lani K Thompsons complete Kantele tutorals are also available as a Pdf Download E-book!   (including sound and video samples!)

This is Lani's second book for the kantele, her previous book is still available and has some fabulous tunes as well as being the most thorough tuning/chordbook reference available.

Lani Playing her Custom Masur Birch model  2005

Fishbone book,

tunes and songs for the 5 String kantele

fishbone book

The download has embedded audio files,  a book and Cd is also available!!

for more details see her website at

Books and tapes for learning traditional Finnish playing  here

Online video examples here

Children's tutor book and CD from the Koistinen Kantele site: