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Construction information and Plans are available

15 String Kanteles

I make three different 15 string Kantele variations

The 11 string and 4 drones model/       £1050
4 drone strings tuned either Dd aa or A a  aa with 11 strings tuned A B C# D E F# G A B C# d   This instrument has the same basic tuning as the 11 string but with 4 drone strings that enriches the sound with a warm harmonic rich bagpipe-like sound.
better for solo playing and meditation than ensemble,  See my 11 string Kantele for more info and tutor or playing.

cased kantelebrass labelfigured walnuthead of kantele

Black Walnut model £POA             more options available £ POA

The 15 strings diatonic version  D-d   D through to D also   £PA

Folk-Concert model:   15 string D-d  with 6 sharpening levers, folk Concert model also has a  K&K pickup. 
This instrument has the flexibility to change key easily.     £POA

These are larger Kanteles in every way.   

I now include my 2005 plans with the 2012 updated stringing  here:

Black Walnut 15 string Drone Kantele 2014

Custom Black Walnut model 2012


I have scaled up the 15 string to an 18 string also: