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for the 11 String


11 String Kantele,  Standard and Folk-Concert version

  (Scroll to the bottom for the Concert version with sharpening levers.)

Standard 11 String instrument  is lovely resonant sounding sculptural work of art in its own right, an instrument that has the extra c# in the upper octave, a delight to play. 
To learn to play we have the 11 String Tutor book available direct from Finland for this instrument (see the right hand side) or click here
If you wish to make your own Kanteles then plans and instructions are available on the new updated 2015 Kantele making CD-Rom and individual plans on my shop page here.  Instruments as always are made to order,  usually 5-9 months depending on model and workload.   Do please scroll down for all the options available and email if you have any questions:
new 11 string model

Tuned to A B C# D E F G a b c# d

new kantele

Standard 11 String 
Cherry wood and Cedar with Beech headpiece.  Price including case £950 plus shipping
back of kantele
All my Kanteles have Beech Pin blocks for the Tuning pegs, Strong construction secured with Miller dowels and Special hardened steel for the tailpieces. The Miller Dowels make the frame strong and stable in any climate.  
frame of kantele
Tuning keys can be fitted to case or in the frame of the open back instrument.
tuning key
Kolrosing, the Scandinavian technique of decorating wood is now offered  (see below for examples)
Made to order by commission only.

I use Kolrosing a knife and infill technique that goes back thousands of years to write Runic and Ogham letters,  combined with inlaid lines and overlays to create a unique work of art.   I can add runic versions of sayings, poems, names.  Your choice.

Kolrosing example

Kolrosing on Kantele

For Kolrosing and overlay decoration please add £150 to this model, more visible on the lighter woods but can be done on dark hardwoods also.
tailpiece overlay triskele

in case kantelecase and kantele

All Walnut model also available  for £850  This is a simple understated non decorated model with wonderful grain and  tone.  
walnut kantele


Folk Concert Kantele 11 string

These are custom made with back boards,  rosettes,   guide pins and optional sharpening levers.  £1050- £1250    (15 string diatonic £1500) plus shipping

folk concert kantele 11 string with levers  

First Chords for the 11 String Kantele

first Chord chart for 11 string