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Trossingen Lyre

trossingen lyreDiscovered in 2002, The Trossingen Lyre is the most complete Germanic type lyre found so far, the whole structure survived along with bridge and pegs.

My recreation of this lyre takes into account warping and shrinkage(the original lyre had been repaired, and shrunk, warped and cracked in the ground) idealising the form to make it more symmetrical.

Carved from a solid plank of maple with a hand sawn quartersawn soundboard to match this lyre is decoration with an engraved style known as Kolrosing where a drawing is scratched onto the surface and charcoal, oil and wax used to fill and mark the design, Kind of like Tattoo on wood, or scrimshaw on bone used by sailors. This technique is still found in Scandinavia.

Strung with Gut strings and tailgut, wooden pegs,  complete with case.

Can be tuned in a variety of ways.

details of kolrosing


     This Lyre is usually tuned between D- F E most usually and comes with a  Hardcase and tuning key,    cased instrument          

Price for the decorated instrument is £2500 Custom order  9 months wait at present (2021)

Plain version available for £1450

email me if you have further questions or wish to order one of these

back of lyre

Sound Sample #1

  Sound Sample #2 

Tuning in E

Chords in E

3/4 view

Original Lyre below (picture from Wikipedia)

 trossingen lyre