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Cologne Lyre model
cologne lyre with drawings of lyre from lyre DVD/Download

The Cologne lyre, also known as St. Severins Lyre was found in St Severins church in a Minstrel grave from the 7th/8th Cologne.  

The original was carved in one piece of oak with a maple soundboard attached with small round headed pins and an iron sheet tailpiece.   The Lyre decomposed on contact with air and the remains were lost in WW2.   My version uses Brass or soft iron sheet for the tailpiece, brass pins.  Linseed oil varnish and beeswax finish.  

I am offering these Lyres in three models, 

6 String Standard model,    (one piece hollowed construction)

6 string Student lyre  (assembled not hollowed)

and a non historical 7 string Student model with Kravik Stringing as on my travel lyre.  

Standard models are made of oak plank and hollowed.  Ash or other timbers can also be used.  Maple is the only soundboard I use on these.  

The student model is built by assembling pieces like a guitar rather than carving from a solid plank and as such can be built in 1/3 less of the time it takes to hollow out.  hand bent from solid wood and glued in a mould.    same woods, same size and same sound on either option.   

Standard options are Cedar and Walnut to provide a warm tone with my Kravik Lyre set of strings.  Maple and oak is a more standard option available as well.  other woods on request,  see my etsy shop for latest options.     

Prices from £800 for the student assembled model, £1050 for the hollowed out version.       cases extra if required.      waiting time will vary,  please see my etsy shop or email me for more information

cologne lyre profiles

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Please feel free to email if you have any questions about these.