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Student model Lyres

oberflacht lyre student model 2016
Starting at £850 plus Shipping for the stained Tulip poplar?maple topped model, these Student Model lyres are sold direct from my etsy pages (solid carved Oak and maple available to order too) here: 

Maple Soundboard,  Tulip Poplar Back and sides,  Boxwood pegs,  Maple bridge, Synthetic Fluorocarbon Strings, Nylon tailpiece. 

These Tune to E or F with the bridge in the middle of the body(longitude) but can be tuned up to G pitch by moving the bridge up.

many tunings available,  see Trossingen Lyre also for ideas

Light weight versatile Lyre. 

Normally available within 7-8 weeks from payment.

Based on the Lyre from Grave 84, last in Berlin(lost during WWII)

Plans for this instrument on my 2016 Lyre making DVD