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Viking Model Standard 7 string
Viking model Lyre,  hybrid of Kravik lyre and standard 6 string

I am offering these Lyres in three models,  7 String Standard model,   7 string Travel lyre and the original Viking model with 6 strings.  

These 7 String Lyres are a Hybrid modern lyre creation, with Kravik Lyre scale length, string spacing and tuning combined with the common form of the northern Lyre 5th-10th Century which were 6 string instruments,   this creates a versatile instrument musically that can play more melodically as well as the usual block and chord strumming.   

These student model instruments are built by assembling pieces like a guitar rather than carving from a solid plank and as such can be built in 1/3 of the time it takes to build a Kravik Lyre  hand bent from solid wood and glued in a mould.   

Standard options are Cedar and Walnut to provide a warm tone with my Kravik Lyre set of strings.  Maple and oak is a more standard option available as well.  other woods on request,  see my etsy shop for latest options.     

I am also offering a 6 string version with wood pegs for re-enactors 

Strings are Kravik Lyre Fluorocarbon set,   Aquila Nylgut and Real gut available as an option on these.  

Prices from £750 for these.      cases extra if required.      waiting time will vary,  please see my etsy shop or email me for more information

back of lyre,  walnut wood,   sapwood and heartwodTwo sizes of lyre,  travel and standard

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Travel Lyre:

This lyre was created for practicing on the go,  whether a hotel room, aeroplane,  being under 500mm it fits in Rylan air carry on luggage.   The scale length is shorter so needs Ukulele strings to sound at Kravik Lyre pitch A C D E F G A tuning.  A low A string really helps,    Smaller,  quieter with less depth of sound than the standard model but rugged and useful.   I have made two videos with these:

Example of older travel lyre that was 21" long and had standard strings

Meditation using the Viking Travel Lyre  fitted with standard Kravik Lyre Strings in Fluorocarbon as sold on my shop


Sound sample of the travel lyre fitted with optional Aquila Nylgut Strings and a Wound Low A String

Please feel free to email if you have any questions about these.