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Here are some links you may find useful. If you would like to add a link please email me.


For more Stick Dulcimers and videos on learning to play Stick Dulcimers, check out our American Friends at

For more Stick Dulcimers and videos on learning to play Stick Dulcimers, check out our American Friends at

Benjamin simeo  Atelier Tri Nox Samoni  String and Wind instruments

Matthew Cox  Stick Dulcimer maker

Paul Vignoles (Bodhran maker) new Irish Music website!

direct irish
music new website!!

tegan woodworks

ter Sefton's new school of Furnture Making(My Teacher!!)  highly recommended

Seftons school of woodworking


instrument link

ancinet instruments logo

hartree music


Instruments and Supplies

Southern Ukulele Store
(UK) Specialist supplier for all things Ukulele,

Guitar Strings Plus
(USA) Offers brand name strings for acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, mandolin, banjo and common accessories at very affordable prices.

Hobgoblin Music

all your folk instrument needs! 

I get to get my Kantele/Zither tuning keys from this supplier!


Hayzey  Online guide to Folk Instrument manufacturers          Bart Hopkins, Experimental Musical Instruments site  Jay Glicksman's Folk pages     United Kingdom Folk Resources



Kantele Links
Yahoo group forum for the Kantele
the website of Lani K Thompson, composer and writer for the 10 string Kantele
Main maker of Kanteles in the USA, also the best resource in English for the Instrument

Koistinen Kanteles, Wing Kanteles, Electric-acoustic  Kanteles, semitone levers plus other modern innovations !

Modern to ancient Kanteles
Traditional Kantele music 5 and 10 string
10 string Kantele music



Psalmodikon Links

Luthiery and Music  Links

WWW.MIMF.COM    The worlds main Luthiery Resource!!  Lutherie Info - for Builders of Stringed Musical Instruments  Excellent site run by R.M. Mottola                     

Other great sites Courses in Turning Green wood with Michael O'Donell   the site of Andrew Crawford, Box maker,  Fine veneered boxes for watercolours, writing slopes, jewelry,  others including excellent Baroque flute cases! 

Learn and Master Guitar review - Teach yourself to play guitar at home using award winning dvd guitar lessons