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2019 Standard Lyre model

This is my new standard model made to the Sutton Hoo pattern with a standard lyre with cedar topone piece body, wooden tuning pins and the fluorocarbon strings. Soundboard is Red Cedar on these models.  This wood. when combined with Fluorocarbon strings and a maple back gives a warm and mellower sound that needs no playing in to get great tone.  the fluorocarbon strings give a wide range of tuning options with 100% stability in variable humidity  The body wood is maple hollowed out.

Supplied with a Brass Metal tailpiece and brass endpin in the same style as used on the cologne lyre.  This natural metal with weather in over time and develop a patina as well as the lyre which is oil varnished and beeswax finished.

These standard models do not have separate string arms but are of one piece like mainland lyres, practically no difference and these sound the same as the more expensive lyres. 

Cases are an optional item on this lyre,  These are built to fit the lyre at the time of building and are pine and plywood, painted black and lined with padded velvet or chenille,  see the drop down menu on my etsy shop page to select a case   Prices on etsy from £1000

cedar lyre closeup

Student Model Lyre

These are great first lyres,  minimal maintenance and easy tuning with zither key.  These Student lyres are made usually with one piece maple backs  (usually seconds with knots or cosmetic flaws but good wood)  Stained Forest Green,  Dark Brown or black,   supplied with Zither Pins and Fluorocarbon string set and a thick red nylon tailpiece for stability in a wide variety of tunings.   Soundboards are two piece plain maple with a single brace and 2 soundholes on the arm sections.   This creates a great sounding lyre that has a little more projection for outdoor performances.  I can also fit wooden tuning pegs on these as on my standard models   cases optional extra on these     Prices on etsy from £850    

Maple Soundboard Standard Lyre option.  

Maple topped standard model lyres start from £1250   There are various options for arm decorations     

of lyre



Morning Thorpe Lyre

This Lyre is known only by its copper alloy mounts that are  attached at an angle.  I have chosen to make this a starter Lyre, for people interested in the Lyres sounds/use but don't want to worry about wooden tuning pegs and gut strings.  I offer 2 types of end button styles.
The example below has an oak body with Maple soundboard Nylgut strings and zither pin tuning pegs but wooden pegs are standard on this lyre.
Morning Thorpe

Bergh Apton Lyre
This instrument is made of Sycamore/maple throughout with brass mounts. bands, and which includes a hand strap and pins.
I can provide this instrument with rear or front mounted pegs


Bergh Apton Lyre
Picture left © Copyright 2004, A. Goodbody. All rights
(also available in oak and maple for £900)

Trossingen Lyres

See my new Trossingen lyre pages for latest updates, maple instrument decorated with Kolrosing
Plain/undecorated versions of these will also be available in 2016 to order only

Prittlewell Lyre
This Lyre is similar to the snape Lyre in that it has circular mounts, as this instrument is still under conservation/investigation my current interpretation has just plain mounts and rear mounted Sutton hoo style pegs.

£POA  (metal mounts will be available once the data has been released)

Irish Lyre

(See Irish Lyre page for more info) Irish Lyre strung in Silver, Iron and Brass wire in a diatonic scale of G or a longer model in D
£2000 with case


Snape Lyre
This instrument has an oak soundboard which has a more muted sound when plucked but sounds great when strummed!!  It has plain circular mounts like the Prittlewell Lyre.  I tend to make this lyre a little smaller than the other Lyres and like to tune it up higher.
Snape lyre

More Lyres

From time to time I have Student model lyres or cosmetic seconds at reduced prices, please email me for details.
I plan to add the little cologne Lyre tuned to C in 2015
this will start at £1050

The trossingen Lyre undecorated plain model should be around £1350 undecorated 

Kravik Lyres are another option available from 2015 7 strings, made of spruce, fruitwoods, from £2000,  Birch models £3000