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Portals to the Past

Sheet music for 7 string Lyre

sheet music for "Lyre meditation Tune"

Anglo Saxon Lyres

Welcome to the Lyre section of my website
I hope these pages give you a flavour of these instruments that were so much part of life in the migration and settlement period of the anglo Saxons, and of the mainlanders.  These instruments are relatively easy to play(compared to a guitar of today) that could be handed around to be played, or used by professional  Anglo Saxon Bards.

My work is based on the British and European archaeological finds, and the accompanying research done by  Dr Graeme Lawson and others.
These instruments are very much experimental archaeology, part of the journey towards understanding the past.

More exciting information from the Prittlewell Lyre and the Trossingen Lyre in the coming years will hopefully inform our understanding of the instrument even more.

If you have any more archaeological information that might be useful, or links to add or want more info please contact me!