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Stick Dulcimer


 stick dulcimer in maple

I have been a little slow in sorting this page out, 
If you have sent me a Testimonal for an instrument and it isn't here can you let me know!

Stick Dulcimers:

"Michael, the package has been delivered earlier than expected.
What can I say … I've just played for about an hour and the sound has exceeded my expectations.
I've once owned a strumstick. But your dulcimer is superior compared to a McNally. Not only the sound but also the look.
The look of the instrument speaks for itself. The wood is great.
The touch and feel is great.

So, here I am, a satisfied customer which really will recommend Michael J. King instruments."


Kantele Making CD-ROM

"The CD is most informative and well worth the money paid. I would recommend it to any novice or upcoming instrument maker or as a great resource for the  experienced, Michael is very helpful via e-mail and responds to all queries in a timely and easy to understand manner".

     Ben Corby, Australia